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About Demco Trust

DELLAMERCY CHARITY ORGANIZATION TRUST (DEMCO) is a registered community based organization Registration Number (MA0001387/2018) focused on the advancement and empowerment of women, orphans and vulnerable children as well as the youths. We also empower communities through WASH projects and advocacy around sustainable energy, access to safe water, education, and health. We are the voice of the communities hence providing platforms where voices are heard. We strive to change lives of the vulnerable by empowering them through livelihood skills. The organization is committed to raising awareness on Human Rights, Health, Education and Environment issues. We seek to increase access to information and provide answer services regardless of one’s race or culture. 

Our Phylosophy

Empowering vulnerable communities and promoting human rights.

Our Goal

Our Goal is to impact lives and design programs that promote livelihoods, change behaviours and attitudes, breakdown stereotypes and promote the SDGs.

Our thematic areas of intervention

•   Water and Sanitation Hygiene (WASH)
•   Women Empowerment
•   Child Welfare and Youth Entrepreneurship
•   Poverty Alleviation

We promote and advocate for protection and upholding of women and children’s rights. We advocate for clean sustainable environments as well as protection of children from all forms of abuse. DEMCO Trust collaborates with the Zimbabwean government, corporate, private sector, donor agencies both local and foreign, religious bodies in implementing humanitarian and community development programs in Manicaland, Zimbabwe.

Integrity, Honesty, Transparency & Love.

Our Vision

To build an inclusive sustainable environment in which all vulnerable individuals enjoy their human rights and full potentials.

Our Mission

DEMCO Trust is a community-based organisation committed to empowering and promoting Children’s rights in the various communities.

Our Objectives

The provision of food, shelter, business, education and vocational training to the orphans, youth, women and other children affected by HIV/AIDS or their caregivers directly or through other institutions and organisation financial, human and material resources available for this purpose.

The provision of seed capital or interest free funding to deserving trust’s beneficiaries, and the development of sustainable self-empowerment projects.

The provision of training, empowerment services and networks for the continued sustenance and development of beneficiaries’ projects.

 To combat deforestation and climate change through community based sustainable projects in our areas of operation. Our outlook is to grow beyond the Province.

The creation of a self-sustained fund infrastructure, assets and projects for the continuation of the trust’s objectives.

The provision of training in life skills, counselling and psycho-social support.

To care, foster and prevent animal cruelty and raise awareness at grassroots level for the beneficiary communities.

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